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Frequently Asked Questions

Cannot find the answer you are looking for?2020-04-04T08:29:15+08:00

Contact us via email via the live chat [email protected]

Do you have a slipage?2020-04-04T08:27:18+08:00

Slippage sometimes occurs during economic news releases and the requested price may differ from implementation.

Do you justify hedging?2020-04-04T08:26:56+08:00

Yes, you are justified in protecting your position in the trading account. Every time you open a buy and sell a position simultaneously and at the same lot size, no margin will be taken at your account.

Do you provide information on trading news?2020-04-04T08:25:57+08:00

Yes. We provide information on trade news via Facebook and our blog

What base currency do you offer?2020-04-04T08:25:27+08:00

We currently only provide accounts in USD Dollars.

How does the affiliate system work?2020-04-04T08:30:13+08:00

Affiliate is calculated based on each transaction entry after close with minimum affiliate value 0.01$

How many people can became my referrals?2020-04-04T08:29:59+08:00

The number of referrals is not limited and if more referrals you bring in, the more you will earn.

Are there any fees taken during the financing / withdrawal?2020-04-04T08:20:20+08:00

For credit cards, Neteller, and Bank Wire charges are dependent on suppliers, from our side does not impose any charges.

How long do deposits and withdrawals take?2020-04-04T08:19:48+08:00

The deposit and withdrawal period will take at least 15 minutes to 24 hours.

How long does it take to verify my account?2020-04-04T08:18:26+08:00

The Validation period will take at least 24 hours.