Invite your friends and get rewarded for that.

Start up your own business with friends. Invite as many as possible and earn from the volume that they trade. We start our affiliate rates from USD 1.00 and you can earn up to USD 8.00 when you have recruited enough friends to become our Introducing Broker (IB).

Share your referral link from the members area and start earning now!

Make Money from Your Friends!

  • All clients are able to join this program with the exception of those who are in other stages of the affiliate program.

  • Commission will be paid based on trading volume (per lot) of the client’s friend who signed up to EXE Markets using the referral link.
  • In order to activate Invite A Friend, client shall make a minimum deposit to activate his/her account as valid and verified.

  • Commission is paid for valid orders only. Valid order denotes a trade-compliant with ALL the following conditions:

    1. The trade lasted for 180 or more seconds;
    2. The difference between Open Price and Close price of the order equals or is more than 30 points (3 pips in 4-digit precision terms);
    3. The order was not opened or closed by means of Partial close and/or Multiple close by.
  • Invite A Friend commission rate is up to $1 per 1 standard lot (1.00 in MT4 or 100,000 units).
  • Client may transfer commissions to his/her trading accounts with a minimum of $10.

  • Commission is credited once in 24 hours.

  • It is prohibited for the client to refer him or herself or relatives as friends.

  • EXE Markets reserves the right to deactivate the client’s referral link in case of fraudulent activities.

  • EXE Markets reserves the right to amend rules and any situation not described above shall be subject to ExeMarkets decision.

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